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Fetching Records or Transactions using SmartClient

Fetching a record pulls in the information from one record or a list of specific records from NetSuite into the SmartClient for quick editing or reference. You must know a record’s NetSuite internal ID in order to retrieve it using the Fetch function. It’s a good idea to turn on theShow Internal IDs preference in your NetSuite account to help you locate these numbers. You can do this in NetSuite at Home > Set Preferences on the General subtab.

To fetch records from NetSuite:

  1. In the SmartClient Toolbar, click the Get Records button.
  2. In the Get Records popup, enter the internal IDs you want to open in the SmartClient, separated by commas.
  3. In the template box, either check the box next to an existing template to determine which information from the record(s) should show, or click Create New to build a new template.For more information on creating and editing templates, see Adding or Editing a Template. For more information on importing templates, see Importing a Template.
  4. Click Ok.

When you click the Ok button, the SmartClient connects with your NetSuite account and brings your requested data into the table. If any records were not found, a status window in the SmartClient informs you how many records were not retreived and provides an error message. To avoid losing this popup, do not click away from the SmartClient.

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