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Deleting Records or Transactions using SmartClient

The SmartClient offers the ability to search for records or transactions and quickly mass delete them – something not currently supported from within a NetSuite account. To bring in records that need to be deleted into the SmartClient, you will first need to create and perform a saved search.

To delete records or transactions:

  1. After pulling records or transactions in using a saved search, click a cell in the row of a record or transaction to be deleted.
    To delete multiple records or transactions, hold CTRL and select cells in multiple rows.
  2. Click the Delete button in the SmartClient toolbar.
  3. Click Yes to confirm that the data should be deleted from your account.

Remember, deleting permanently removes data from your account. Your role must have Full permission to a record or transaction in order to be able to delete it.

You might prefer to inactivate records or transactions instead, which removes them from access in your account and allows them to re-activated if needed.

To inactivate records or transactions:

  1. Add the Is Inactive field to your results template when creating the search.
  2. In your search results, change the contents of the Is Inactive column to True.
  3. Select cells in the rows to update, and click the Update Selected Rows button in the toolbar.
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