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Using the SmartClient Link Tool

Files you create with the SmartClient are linked between Excel and your SmartClient installation by absolute path. If this link is ever broken for a file, you may receive errors, such as the one shown below, trying to open, edit, or save it. The SmartClient Link Tool can help you easily repair this link and begin working with your data again quickly.

Note: The SmartClient Link Tool was named the SmartClient Repair Tool in previous versions of the SmartClient.

For example, you install the SmartClient to your D: drive and use it without issue on your machine. However, a co-worker emails you a workbook that uses the default installation path with a C: drive. You will not be able to open the file with the SmartClient because that workbook is attempting to link to the SmartClient using the default path. You can use the link tool to link the workbook to your SmartClient installation.

To use the SmartClient Link Tool:

  1. From your Programs menu, in the Celigo folder, open the SmartClient Link Tool.
  2. In the Select Document(s) to Repair/Upgrade section, click the … button to select a file or folder that needs an updated link to the SmartClient.
  3. In the Link To section, select the .vsto file in the location of your SmartClient program.
    For example, if you accepted the default location, the .vsto file is in C:\Program Files\Celigo\NetSuite SmartClient.
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