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Known Issues and Limitations of SmartClient

The current version of the Celigo SmartClient has the following known issues and limitations.

  • Item Options List is not supported.
  • Matrix Options List is not supported.
  • Item field on the Inventory Number record (available in version 2.3+) will always return empty when looking up Inventory Number records. This is a limitation of NetSuite web services and NetSuite is tracking this as: Enhancement #225042 – Web Services > Ability to get the item name of Inventory Number records
  • The SmartClient is only able to download drop down values for fields that appear on the default NetSuite form for the
    current login. If a field that is not on the default form needs to be used as either Free Text, Real-Time Lookup, Cached Lookup
    or a Drop Down, that field should be added to the NetSuite form first. ‘Free Text (Internal Id)’ and ‘Free Text (External Id)’
    type fields do not have this limitation.
  • Slaved fields cannot be updated using “Updated Selected cell(s)” feature unless the master field too is selected.
  • If you create a table with large number of rows (e.g. 200), but use only several rows to add records (e.g. add only 50 records) leaving the remainder of the table blank; pressing Update All will cause a “Out of Memory” error. In a situation like this, you need to select the specific records and use “Update Selected Rows” option.
  • The SmartClient may appear to be frozen while caching data (See FAQ: Why does the SmartClient freeze while caching data?)
  • Drop downs on SmartClient tables may initially appear empty while there are corresponding data in NetSuite (See FAQ: Why are drop downs on my table empty?)

For information regarding enhancements and fixed issues, refer the SmartClient Release Notes.

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