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Adjusting Inventory using SmartClient

It is very easy to perform Inventory Adjustments using the Celigo SmartClient. On most accounts, the following template should be sufficient to perform an adjustment:

Updating quantities in Bins

Using an Inventory Adjustment template, you can update the quantity of items placed in bins.  Simply include the Bin Numbers column and specify the Bin for which the adjustment should be applied.

Note that, you cannot move an item in to a bin using a n Inventory Adjustment. For example, if Item I is not already associated with Bin B, you cannot perform an inventory adjustment to push say 10 of Item I  in to the bin. You can associate the bin with the item using an Item template that has the Bin Number sub-list.

SmartClient and Advanced Bin Management

Advanced Bin Management is supported only from NetSuite Webservices version 2011.2. As the current version of Celigo SmartClient is built on Webserivices version 2010.1, this feature will not be available until the next major release of the product. Please note that if you have the feature enabled in your account, Bin management features listed on this page may not work.

Transferring Inventory

Celigo SmartClient does not currently support the Inventory Transfer transactions. However, you can mimic the transfer of inventory between multiple locations by performing multiple Inventory Adjustments.  For example, following is an Inventory Transfer and it’s equivalent created in the SmartClient.

However, you should note that this approach will not trigger additional workflows such as  approvals, or does not accommodate the tracking of items in transit. You should determine whether these limitations have an impact on your business processes and perhaps use the SmartClient to update Inventory Transfers in bulk.

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