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Quick Start of SmartClient for NetSuite

To quickly get started using the SmartClient to edit your NetSuite data in bulk, following the steps below. These steps cover the most basic SmartClient functions – explore the remaining Help Center topics for more details on what is possible with the SmartClient.

Either create> or run a saved search.

Click the Search button in the SmartClient toolbar to create a saved search and pull in information from your NetSuite account that you want to edit and update. For detailed steps on setting up your saved search, see Creating a Saved Search.

Create a result template.

When you’re finished creating your search, you have an option to create and save a result template. This is similar to the Results tab in a NetSuite saved search, and it is how you choose which data displays from the records or transactions returned from your search. You can also click Result Template in the SmartClient toolbar to create and save a template for displaying data. For detailed steps on creating a result template, see Adding or Editing a Template.

Edit your data.

Once the NetSuite data shows in your sheet, use Excel functionality to make changes to your data.

Update your data in NetSuite.

When you are finished editing your data, you can update the data in your NetSuite account using one of the following:

  1. To update a single field, select the cell, and click Update Selected Cell(s).
  2. To update an entire record, select a cell in the row for the record, and click Update Selected Row(s).
  3. To update several records, select several cells down a column, and click Update Selected Row(s).
  4. To update an entire table of records, select a cell anywhere in the data, and click Update All.
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