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Overview of Excel SmartClient

The Celigo SmartClient for NetSuite is an innovative, quick way to push and pull your data from your NetSuite account. Once you download and install the SmartClient, you can open it from your Programs menu or folder to open a Excel workbook containing the SmartClient add-in toolbar and menus. It is compatible with Excel in Office 2003 Professional, Office 2007 (all suites), Office 2010 and Office 2013.

The SmartClient toolbar allows Excel experts and novices alike to use the Excel interface to quickly mass update, delete, or add data. You are not required to export or import anything in NetSuite to perform updates or delete data – simply perform a saved search in the SmartClient. To add records, you can create and save a re-usable template containing the fields you want to populate with data in NetSuite.

Templates in the SmartClient are a part of almost every action you complete. You can create and edit templates to use as part of an action, or you can create a template in the process of completing a saved search or adding records. In NetSuite, each time you create a saved search, you must define how the results should be displayed. In the SmartClient, you can create a results template that you can apply to multiple saved searches and also use when you want to create new records.

Use the links to the left to access help topics for learning how to use the SmartClient and for troubleshooting issues you may encounter.

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