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CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition : Apr'17 Release Notes

Video Overview of the Release

  • This release makes CloudExtend templates(Tables) on excel sheet more flexible, end users can now do more with CloudExtend tables
    • Columns on a CloudExtend table can be re-arranged without editing the template in Task Pane
    • Columns on a CloudExtend table can be deleted without having to change the template and reload the table again
    • An unbounded column,i.e, column which is not linked to a NetSuite field can be added to the table , Ex: A column with a formula/calculation on one of the NetSuite fields /any other cell in excel workbook.
    • A bounded column,column which is linked to a NetSuite field, can be added to the table at any place
    • Users can share the excel workbook with CloudExtend table with other app users

  • This update also brings some restrictions on the SmartClient tables
    • Only one CloudExtend table can be added to a worksheet
    • Row 1 of worksheet contains references to NetSuite fields and should not be edited by users

  • CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite now supports NetSuite WSDL 2016.2
  • Users can now refresh unlimited number of records without facing timeout issues, earlier this was limited to 1000 records
  • Users can now refresh selected records, earlier only refresh all records was supported
  • After a successful upsert activity the internal ids of the record in Column 2 change to Green Color text indicating that the upsert activity is successful for that given record.
  • NetSuite related warnings are now shown in yellow color in "Reserved(First)" Column
  • Search Joins
    • CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite now supports search joins, which means,users should be able to filter records by applying criteria on related records , currently the filter criteria can be applied only on the selected record type

  • More contextual status updates shown during data operations activities against current static notification
  • Support for additional record type:
    • Resource allocation
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