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Working with Multiple Domains

By default the master CloudExtend license is given for a specific domain and the end users should be logged into both their Gmail and NetSuite with the same email address (and same domain). If your organization has multiple domains and requires users from these domains to have access the options below may work for you.

Option 1 - Gmail Only with different domains

The Gmail component of CloudExtend will work fine even if there are different domains like joe@xyz. com and as long as both these Emails  have a full NS license and CloudExtend license enabled in the setup. If you don’t have unique licenses for each then read below.

Option 2 - Full Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Drive) with different domains

When connecting other components (G Drive and Calendar) we only officially support granting access to one domain.  If you are an organization with multiple domains , there are a few cases where you can configure your G Suite account to make CloudExtend work with multiple domains as long as your domains are set as aliases of the primary domain and not independent domains.

Multiple Domains as an alias of a primary domain :

The following works only if you have multiple domains as aliases on the same G Suite account. If you have multiple domains independent of each other, the following will not work (see screenshot below of an alias domain in G Suite Admin Portal)


Following are the  steps to make the full CloudExtend Suite work with multiple domains when your are using domain aliases

1) Your Google Apps Super Admin should select the Primary Domain while granting access to G Suite in Step #1 of CloudExtend Setup

2) For Gmail, end users should use the Gmail extension on the primary domain (emails from the alias domain can be forwarded to the primary domain to avoid logging in to two different Gmail accounts).

3) Create a mapping record in NetSuite if the employee record has alias domain email

Example :

Google Configuration

1) For employees with, they should have an alias email on

2) Employees by default login into their domain and have all emails from forwarded to

NetSuite Configuration

  1. Employees can have an employee record with or as their email domain
  2. If they have in their employee record no additional steps are required and all CloudExtend components will work.
    1. If they want to login using, a mapping record needs to be created between<->
  3. Super admin should have given oAuth using

Multiple Domains independent of each other on different G Suite accounts:

Under this setup only Gmail component will work , as long as the email has NS license and CloudExtend license is enabled in the setup



Let's say you have users with and domains  and you have given oAuth for

Under this setup , users will have access to entire CE Suite while users will only gmail access , when the employee id with is given license in CE setup

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