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CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite Chrome Extension v3.4.0.3 Release Notes Nov 2017

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed an issue where a few file attachments fail to attach to NetSuite when an email is attached to a NetSuite Record
  • Fixed the issue behind ambiguous notification  "Cannot read property recordid of undefined" , App will display the proper reason for the failure
  • Fixed issue behind ambiguous “[Object Object]”,  App will display the proper reason for the failure
  • Fixed the issue where App shows conflicting Success/ Failure notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where a license expiry notification with negative hours is displayed

Enhancements :

  • Added support to attach Adobe Illustrator files to NetSuite records
  • Added support to attach Emails to  Project Task record.
  • Edit record screen now shows only filtered fields by default, users can see all the fields by clicking on "View all editable fields".
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