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CloudExtend for Gmail : Gmail app does not load when clicking on the Save to NetSuite button

A user may encounter problems loading the Gmail app when clicking on the Save to NetSuite button in the message. The possible reasons behind these are :

a). There are Chrome add-ons/extensions that are not compatible with Gmail app. To resolve this, follow the instructions below:

1). Open Google Chrome.
2). Type chrome://extensions in the address bar.
3). Uncheck the Enabled box for all other extensions except the CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite (see screenshot below).

4). You can try to reload Gmail and see if you can now click on the Save to NetSuite button. 

Also, another possible reason why this is happening is due to the fact that you are using a Gmail email address ( Our Celigo CloudExtend for Gmail does not work for personal gmail email address. You have to use a email address with a corporate domain managed by Google Apps.

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