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What's New with CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite Add-in

Learn about what's new with CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite Add-in: Latest updates & planned releases

Latest Releases

Release Date Key Features Release Notes
13- Dec- 2017  Support dependent Custom Segments, new record type support and other bug fixes.  Read release notes
31- Oct -2017  Minor Bug fixes Read release notes
27- Sep -2017  Added Support for Intercompany Journal Entry & Other bug fixes  Read release notes
24-Aug-2017 Support for Custom Segments, Create update records using ExternalId Read release notes
 31-Jul-2017 Support for Custom Forms, New record types,Stability enhancements Read release notes
 10-Jul-2017 Added support for Custom Transactions Read release notes
 30-May-2017 Login with NetSuite Credentials, License Management portal for Enterprise Subscriptions  Read release notes

Template Enhancements, Support for WSDL -2016.2 and more 

 Read release notes

Upcoming Releases

Feature Description Status
SSO  Support for Single Sign on  Planned
License Management Portal Enhancements Ability to login to license management portal with Google Login in addition to current Microsoft Login  Planned
 SmartClient Reports Ability to download saved search directly in to Excel sheet with out need for a SmartClient templates  Planned
 1 Click access to record from Excel sheet Hyperlink internal Id in SmartClient to NetSuite record url   Planned
 Token based authentication Ability to login using NetSuite access tokens instead of credentials  Planned
 Enhanced Admin Controls Enable SmartClient Enterprise Edition admins to control how the licensed users work with SmartClient.   Under Consideration
 Inventory Detail Support   Work with inventory detail sub record from SmartClient for NetSuite  Under Consideration
Initialize a record from another record Initialize operation to emulate the UI workflow by pre populating fields on transaction line items with values from a related record. Read more here Under Consideration


Request a New Feature: 

Want us to add a new feature or prioritize a feature. Let us know by posting in  CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite Community here

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