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Attach Email to NetSuite Records Using CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite

To attach email, you should first load the add-in by clicking on the CloudExtend Icon in the Outlook ribbon bar. 

You can attach an Email to NetSuite record in two ways 

1) By clicking on "Attach Email to NetSuite" Button and then attach to contextual contacts automatically fetched by CloudExtend. 

2) By clicking on "Search NetSuite" , search for a record from supported record types and then select a record of your choice to attach. 

Attaching to Contextually fetched records

Emails from your Outlook Inbox can be attached to NetSuite records by clicking on the "Attach Email to NetSuite" button on the Add-in home page. Once you click the Attach button you will be presented with NetSuite records fetched based on the email sender and recipients. You can select any of the available contact records to attach the email to.

If there are no NetSuite records found , CloudExtend presents you the contacts you can create in NetSuite . Select one of the presented contacts to create a contacts in NetSuite and then attach the email to the newly created contact record. 


 Search & Attach:

Follow the below mentioned steps , to search for a record and then attach.

  • Click on the "Search" button on the home page.
  • Select a record type.
  • Type your search text and press Enter.
  • From the presented results, select a record and click attach. 



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