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CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition : 24/Aug/17 Release Notes



  • Added support for Custom Segments. Users can now update/download Custom Segment field values using CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite . Click here to learn how to use SmartClient to update custom segment values
    • Known Issues : SmartClient does not yet support dependencies in picklist value filtering and multi select picklists for custom segments
  • Support for new record type
    • Vendor Payment
  • Support for data operations(Upload/Download/Refresh/Delete) batch size customization at NetSuite account level . Click here for steps to customize SmartClient
  • Added ability to customize SmartClient to treat warnings as errors . Click here for steps to customize SmartClient
  • CloudExtend now supports Creation/Updation of records using External Id. In a template when both Internal Id and External Id are present, InternalId always gets the preference Following is the Update/Insert behaviour based on the availability of Internal Id/External Id in the template.
    Internal ID External ID SmartClient behavior for Update/Insert
    Yes Yes Updates based on InternalID. If ExternalID given in sheet is not same as the externalID in NetSuite. CloudExtend will update the ExternalId in the existing record.
    Yes No Updates based on InternalID
    No Yes Updates based on ExternalID.Iif externalID given in sheet is not present in NetSuite, CloudExtend Excel will create a new internalID and map the ExternalId to this new record
    No No Create a new record with new InternalID
  • Picklist caching enhancements for better performance. 
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