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NetSuite's new governance model and Productivity Apps

Dear Customer,

We know that NetSuite has already been in touch with you regarding the upcoming changes to API Governance in NetSuite 2017 Release 2. We wanted to let you know how it might affect your use of Celigo’s Excel SmartClient and CloudExtend for G Suite (if you subscribe to other Celigo products that may be affected by this change your company has already received a separate communication related to those products).

We had a detailed discussion with NetSuite Product Management to understand the analysis and rationale behind this change, and their expectation is that the new per-account concurrency limits should adequately handle the needs they see in production today. That said, here is Celigo's perspective on the change:

  1. We are in sync with NetSuite regarding the new governance rules, and we understand that NetSuite is actively reaching out to customers that will need to make explicit changes. Celigo will continue to work closely with NetSuite to ensure all Celigo products have a smooth transition into this new governance model.
  2. Celigo Productivity Apps are designed to "play nicely" with other integrations that you may have on your NetSuite account. These apps connect to your account occasionally for short periods and therefore are unlikely to interfere with long running integrations or other apps that make similar short-lived connections.
  3. We understand that even these short-lived, occasional connections may overlap and exceed the governance limits if your organization has a sizable number of users using such products simultaneously. Celigo Productivity Apps are built to retry in such situations, queuing itself waiting for other apps to complete. As and when this occurs, the users will experience some slowness while the App interacts with NetSuite.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Celigo Support by clicking here and filing a support ticket.

Thank you for being a valued customer.

Celigo Productivity Team

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