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SmartClient for NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition : 31/Jul/17 Release Notes


  • Added support for new record type
    • Vendor Credit
  • Account settings page now shows connected NetSuite account type(OneWorld /Non OneWorld) selected during the login/role change process
  • Support to filter records by fields with no value. This can be done by entering [[@NONE@]] in the value field when creating a filter. Ex: To get a list of transactions where the Location is null/empty, create a filter with location field and enter value as [[@NONE@]] instead of choosing value from the drop down


  • Fixed the issue where partial pick list values with “Numbers” entered in Excel cell are not recognized by SmartClient during upserts and app goes into loading mode.
  • Fixed “Unexpected error” which is shown when the excel cell is in edit mode and a user tries to perform an operation with the SmartClient. SmartClient now prompts the user to move another cell to exit the cell edit mode.
  • SmartClient now supports selection of “Custom Forms”.Earlier SmartClient was throwing an error while selecting the picklist for fields which are not available in Default Form. This can now be resolved by adding form name field to the template and while Upserting the record , user can select the Custom Form name from picklist
  • Signup flow performance enhancements to fix the issue where certain first time users were not able to load the app properly
  • Caching and performance improvements while selecting the pick list values
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