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SmartClient – January 2017 (Version

Release Notes for Excel SmartClient for NetSuite v2.4.5.26 

  1. Excel SmartClient for NetSuite v2.4.5.26 now supports NetSuite WSDL 2015.2.
  2. This version of SmartClient has breaking changes to existing templates. It will automatically attempt to migrate your templates to the new schema but, due to the changes in the WSDL versions, certain templates may still encounter issues on migration. If you do face such issues, please contact Celigo Support and we'll be happy to assist you
  3. NetSuite security guidelines dictates that any product does not store user's NetSuite password in any kind of storage. Historically, the SmartClient has stored your password, encrypted, in your local system in order to enable the "Remember my Credentials" feature. In order to be inline with Built For NetSuite(BFN) Guidelines, we have disabled this feature. What this means to you as a user, is that when you start up the SmartClient, you will need to re-enter your NetSuite credentials.
  4. SmartClient now supports data operations on record types-  WorkOrder,  Statistical Journal Entries and Manufacturing Routing. Contact your Account Manager or Celigo support if you are looking for support for newer Record Types.
  5. This release also includes a workaround for users affected by SmartClient not being compatible with Roaming Profile
  6. SmartClient now supports updates for _timeOfDay field
  7. Improved performance on working with Journal Entries (by using cache for dependent field lookup)
  8. Bug Fixes.

How to Update

SmartClient users should be able to update to new version by clicking on "Check for Updates" in the Celigo SmartClient ribbon bar menu as shown below.



Celigo prefers to have a stable product and ensures a thorough QA process that takes several months with a dedicated QA team, when supporting a newer API version.

As a general rule Celigo don't release support for new NetSuite API's (2016.2, etc.) until they have been live for some time and we can be sure they are stable.

If you are looking for a new record type that's available in the latest NetSuite WSDL, contact Celigo Support or your Account Manager for a work around.

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