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How do I sideload CloudExtend Excel Add-in on my Windows Desktop

Here are the steps to sideload CloudExtend Excel Add-in on your Windows desktop


Step 1: Share a Folder 

  1. On the Windows computer where you want to host your add-in, go to the parent folder, or drive letter, and create a folder there. 

  2. Open the context menu for the newly created folder (right-click) and choose Properties.

  3. Open the Sharing tab.

  4. On the Choose people ... page, add yourself and and anyone else with whom you want to share your add-in. If they are all members of a security group, you can add the group. You will need at least Read/Write permission to the folder.

  5. Choose Share > Done > Close

Step 2: Specify the shared folder as a trusted catalog

  1. Open a new document in Excel

  2. Choose the File tab, and then choose Options.

  3. Choose Trust Center, and then choose the Trust Center Settings button.

  4. Choose Trusted Add-in Catalogs.

  5. In the Catalog Url box, enter the full network path to the shared folder catalog, and then choose Add Catalog.

  6. Select the Show in Menu check box, and then choose OK.

  7. Close the Office application so your changes will take effect

Step 3: Sideload  your Add-in

  1. Put the manifest file of any add-in that you are testing in the shared folder catalog. Note that you deploy the web application itself to a web server. Be sure to specify the URL in the SourceLocation element of the manifest file.
  2. In Excel, select My Add-ins on the Insert tab of the ribbon.
  3. Choose SHARED FOLDER at the top of the Office Add-ins dialog box.
  4. Select the name of the add-in and choose OK to insert the add-in.


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