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How do I share CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite templates?

Users can share the CloudExtend templates simply by sharing their Workbook with other users over an Email or in an Instant Messenger.

If as a NetSuite Admin, you want your licensed users to use a particular template for CloudExtend Excel data operations, follow these steps:

1) Load a template from CloudExtend task pane.
2) Change the header row names to reflect the NetSuite interface naming convention.
3) Save this file as an Excel Template.
4) Now place this template in a shared path accessible to all the licensed users in your organization

Licensed users would just need to download this template file, Save as an Excel Workbook (Click here for instructions on how to save as an Excel Workbook) on their local systems. This file will have the CloudExtend embedded along with the template you wanted to share.

User can login using their credentials and start using the template.
In case there is a change in the template columns, update the Excel template file with new columns and place in the shared folders. Users can download this new template file and start working with the new CloudExtend template.


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