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We changed our Google Apps Domain Name, do we need to make any changes in our CloudExtend Setup?


You need to follow the below steps before you can continue to use CloudExtend. These steps need to be followed by your organization's NetSuite Admin. 

  • CloudExtend license is dependent on your domain name, so you need to approach Celigo support requesting a license update to the new domain name. Please click here to create support ticket.
  • Your NetSuite admin should update the email addresses of all the employees to new gmail email address and ensure that NetSuite Employee Email and Gmail Id match . If you don’t want to update the email address in NetSuite, you would need to create Celigo Employee mapping custom records to map the employees to new Gmail Address
  • Your Google Apps super admin needs to give authorization again with new Gmail address. So you need to go through the Cloud Extend setup again. Click here for setup process guide.
  • In CloudExtend setup on licenses tab, please uncheck the existing employee licenses and re check them, so that CloudExtend captures the new email address of the each licensed user.

Once you follow the above steps, you are ready to use CloudExtend with your new domain. If you face any issues getting CloudExtend to work with your new domain name, contact Celigo for further support

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