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cloudextend Excel for Salesforce (formerly SmartClient) :8 May 2017 Release Notes



  • All related objects for a given object are now displayed with the Object Name as opposed to the Object ID. This includes picklists.
    • Ex. In a Contact template , earlier , Account details were shown as AccountID and users were required to know the Account ID for performing data operations. With this change , Account details will appear in the format : “Name - Object Id” as a  picklist in SmartClient Add-in task pane.
    • While creating a new record or updating it users can choose the related ObjectIDs directly from the picklists
    • Download operations will download the related Objects details in format “Name - Object Id”
    • Users still have a choice. Those that prefer to use the Object ID for upload operations may continue to do so. Those that prefer to use use the Picklist to select the Object Name may now do so as well.



  • Fixed an issue where  users were not able to switch to existing Sandbox accounts and are required to connect afresh
  • Fixed some UI Bugs
  • Field Names are sorted in alphabetical order while creating templates
  • Performance improvements specific to Mac to address timeout issues for mass updates
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