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Signing Up for

To access, you need to sign-up and create an account using a valid email address.  

IMPORTANT: The email address that the license is provisioned to is the owner of the license, which is non-transferrable.  Therefore, it is important that the email address used is in place for the duration of your subscription.

There are two options when selecting the email address used to create an account:

  1. Individual email address - A valid individual's email address, such as  If Jane Doe leaves the company and the license is provisioned to her account, her email and accounts must remain active to maintain the integration.
  2. License email address - A valid email address created using your company domain,  This email address may be used to create an account, so that the license is provisioned and maintained through a single account.  This account is not impacted by change in personnel.

Please note: Integrations and Connectors may be shared with other accounts by the licensed account.

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Go to to sign up. You can also sign-in with your Google credentials.

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